All About Brows!

All aboard the BROW BANDWAGON!

One of the BIGGEST trends in the beauty world is brows and I can happily admit that I have joined the brow bandwagon! Brows hold so much expression for one’s face (ESPECIALLY me). Lift your arches and you look surprised, lower them and you look angry. Your brows frame your face, so with that power, they can either make or break any makeup look. In my opinion, no makeup look is complete without the brows being groomed. Some won’t even leave the house without their brows done! (*ahem* my sister, Shanna)

There are a few steps in creating your best brows (which you will find a step-by-step guide below)! But first, I wanted to give you a little back story on my brow journey – a cautionary tale that will hopefully teach you what NOT to do. First and foremost, over plucking is a big NO-NO! For years, I thought my brows should have more of an arch. I kept plucking and plucking to achieve a higher arch but never quite got the result I was hoping for. I finally realized (or just admitted to myself) that all brows are not created equal. Some people have higher arches while others are more straight, some have bold brows while others are faint (or pretty much non-existent – like my Grams Bear). My brows are more on the straight-side. So I let them grow in (which is a horrible process but you must resist the urge to pluck) and then I just plucked any stray hairs that seemed out of place. I have been leaving my brows in their natural shape and I am so happy with them! I don’t get my brows waxed as I did not have a good experience, plus I would much rather just pluck the hairs out when they grow in. I am just impatient!

Now that I have taken you through my brow journey, here are my tips and tricks that I have learned along the way for perfect brows:

1. This is probably the most important step – shaping. The key to good brows is to first figure out what the perfect shape is for your arches. You should always follow your natural shape. If you do not want to shape your brows yourself (like I did) or do not trust yourself with a pair of tweezers, then I HIGHLY recommend you go to a professional. And, who better to go to then Ms. Erin Berry, Owner of Pro Makeup Coach, to have your arches perfected! Erin offers brow waxing services as well as brow tinting! Click the link below to book a brow wax with Erin:

Brow wax from Erin Berry

2. The next step in perfect brows is filling them in. I have tried all products for filling in brows from powders to liquid and found that my favourite product to use is a pencil. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz, but the price is a little scary. I stumbled upon the NYX Micro Brow Pencil and it is AMAZING (plus, you will save nearly $10)! You can pick up this miracle pencil from NYX here:

Nyx Microbrow Pencil

To pick your shade, here is the best rule of thumb: If your hair is dark, pick a shade two shades lighter. If your hair is light, pick a shade that is two shades darker. This will ensure that your brows look naturally full!

How I fill in my brows:

(a) I begin by using the spoolie brush at the end of the NYX Micro Brow Pencil and brush upwards.

(b) I then use light strokes to trace the tail of my brow (always following the natural shape). I will follow then use feather-like strokes to fill in the tail with more focus on any sparse areas.

(c) I then go to the beginning of my brow and use small and short strokes upwards to complete the shape. I always give my brows a bit of a “square” shape.

(d) Next, I will go over with the spoolie brush to ensure the colour is evenly distributed and the brows look natural and not “drawn on”.

3. To ensure that all the hairs stay in place, go over your beautiful arches with some brow gel. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel! It is pricey but one tube lasts such a long time!

Anastasia Brow Gel

4. This part is optional – highlighting and defining the brows. There are a couple of options here in highlighting and defining your brows. One way is to place translucent powder around your brows.

Another option is to use a concealer that is one shade lighter and trace it along your brow. Both of these options will ensure that your brows are more defined and look clean. Here are a couple of products from Oh So Pretty Cosmetics that will get the job done:

Oh So Pretty Liquid Concealer

Now there you have it! All the steps to ensure your best brows EVER! I would love to hear from you guys on what your favourite brow products are and if you have joined the brow bandwagon!

That’s Y!


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