August Beauty Favourites

As a beauty junkie, I RELISH in beauty favourites! I love to hear about all the wonderful products makeup artists, beauty bloggers and YouTube vloggers are in love with and what they cannot live without. The absolute best posts in the beauty world to me are monthly favourites because to me it is a monthly gift of the latest and greatest products I need to try! With that being said, I feel it is my duty to begin this tradition here at Y. Beauty.

So without further adieu, here are my August Beauty Favourites (*applause*):

*Note: They are in no particular order, these products are equally amazing!

1. Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Colour Corrector Palette

This palette is a DREAM! It comes with 5 concealer shades – yellow, orange, pink, purple and green – and has a natural matte finish. You can use this palette to custom make your own concealer shade to fit your skin tone. Also, the shades in this palette can be used to conceal under eye circles, blemishes, redness or any other discolouration on your skin. I LOVE this palette for my under eye circles! Being a Middle-Eastern girl, my under eye circles are always prevalent (whether I am tired or not), so I really need something heavy duty to cover them up and this definitely does the trick!

And, have you ever noticed that the corners around your nose always seem to be red? That’s probably because, like me, you are a woman with hormones. The green shade in this palette will help conceal this little Rudolph-esque symptom of being a woman! This palette is basically a secret weapon to flawless skin and you can get your own Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Colour Corrector Palette here.

2. Chanel – Tan De Soleil

I first heard about this product from the beautiful and oh so talented, Jaclyn Hill. She raved about this in a couple of her YouTube videos and I knew I just had to have it! It is a light cream bronzer that just gives the PERFECT sun-kissed glow! It has a very smooth finish! This cream bronzer can be used alone or underneath foundation. I am a bit of a bronzer freak and love to apply the Tan De Soleil with a stippling brush on the areas I want to contour and then I like to apply a powder bronzer ontop!

Now, because this is Chanel, it is a bit on the pricey-side. However, one of the best things about this product is that a little bit goes a long way! I bought this bronzer about 2 weeks ago and have used it everyday since and you can BARELY tell I have even touched it! You can get the Chanel Tan De Soleil here.

3. Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop

Speaking of Ms. Jaclyn Hill (I am a tad obsessed with her), she collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to make this BOMB highlighter! It is just so beautiful and an incredible product! It is the perfect, golden peachy shade and looks so good on a variety of skin tones! Here is an article that Allure Magazine posted discussing how versatile this product is:

I posted that I purchased this highlighter on my Instagram (follow me: @yasmin_abdo) and I was asked whether I liked it. I RAVED about it and also advised that this product (like the Chanel Tan De Soleil) will last a long time as a little goes a long way! Every time I apply this highlighter, I just feel so glowing and fabulous! I have been asked multiple times now what I am wearing as a highlighter because people can see how amazing it is! You can get Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop here.

4. Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation

I bought this foundation after hearing that one of my favourite Vanderpump Rules’ cast member uses it – Stassi Schroeder (I LOVE her). Stassi deals with psoriasis flare ups and requires a foundation that is full coverage. I do not have psoriasis, but I do have some discolouration that tends to still be visible under any foundation I have tried. Plus, who doesn’t want flawless-looking skin? I have become obsessed with this foundation! It truly is full coverage and it does not move! I apply this foundation with a Beauty Blender which gives a flawless finish. This foundation is definitely buildable and lasts for such a long time! You can get the Sephora Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation here.

5. Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Powder Blush in Oh So Shocking

If you haven’t already read my post on this blush, than you need to do so RIGHT NOW! This is the best blush ever! The pigmentation, the lightweight texture, the application – just AMAZING!

You can get the Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Powder Blush in Oh So Shocking here.

6. Kat Von D Ink Tattoo Liner in Trooper

When I am testing out products, the number one attribute a product has to have in order to be added to my favourites is longevity. Nobody wants to keep reapplying products on their face throughout the day – especially eyeliner! And with that, one of my biggest pet peeves is when my eyeliner will transfer to my upper lid – the WORST! Well, I’m here to tell you that the Kat Von D Ink Tattoo Liner is the answer to your eyeliner prayers! With a name like that, it really shouldn’t move and it definitely does not! This liquid eyeliner doesn’t fade, crack, melt, run – nothing! Once it’s on, IT IS ON!  This is the blackest eyeliner I have ever used and it stays black! Another bonus, is the applicator – it has a brush tip that is different from other liquid eyeliners in that it will not fray! I have also found this applicator to be so much easier to use than other eyeliners for a perfect application! You can get the Kat Von D Ink Tattoo Liner in Trooper here.

7. NYX Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray in the Matte Finish

Speaking of wanting my makeup to last, no makeup look will last without using a setting spray! I love the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Spray but it is a bit expensive. I have found the best dupe – the NYX Matte Makeup Setting Spray! It is only $10 and does the trick amazingly! It is lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. Once you are finished your makeup look, close your eyes and spray some of this product over your face and VOILA! Your face is set and ready for the day! You can get the NYX Makeup Setting Spray in the Matte Finish here.

8. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Massage Lotion

I love being drenched in lotion! I absolutely HATE the feeling of dry skin (my Mother always told me not to say hate but I really despise dry skin that much!) I am always testing out new body lotions to find something that will make me feel just soft and supple! I found this product in the baby section at Shopper’s Drug Mart and thought I would give it a try. It is now my favourite body lotion ever and I don’t know if I will ever find something to replace it. This lotion has reached holy grail status and that is the highest honour! This lotion is so nourishing and smells so yummy! My boyfriend asked me one night if I was eating chocolate while we were in bed – nope that’s just me, smelling delicious!! You can get the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Massage Lotion here.

9. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin

As I discussed above my hatred for dry skin, I have the same feelings for dry lips. I like my lips feeling nourished all day. I wrote a blog post about the product above as a lip chap and I swear by it! It is the best lip chap I have ever used and lasts so long – plus, the tube is huge, bonus! Read all about my review of the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin here:

You can get the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin here.

10. Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Luxury Lipstick in Oh Yas!

Last but certainly not least is the Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Lipstick in Oh Yas! Yes, you read that right, I have a lipstick named after me (no biggie!) This lipstick is the perfect shade of red – just a true RED!

The Oh So Pretty Lipsticks are HIGHLY pigmented, full coverage, nourishing and very long lasting! And bonus, the lipsticks are loaded with vitamin E and vanilla extracts for even more nourishment! The lipsticks also come in different finishes: matte, creamy and pearl.

So am I biased in picking the lipstick named after me as my favourite? Maybe. But just to prove how awesome it is, I recently wore this lipstick to a wedding that I was working at with Erin Berry and Chelsea Cusack (The Pro Makeup Coach Team) and the mother of the groom loved it so much, she bought it right off my lips! This lipstick clearly speaks for itself! You can get the Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Luxury Lipstick in Oh Yas! here.

And there you have it! All of my favourites for the month of August! Do you have any products you can’t get enough of right now? Let me know and be sure to stay tuned as I will be posting monthly favourites at the end of every month!

That’s Y!



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