PRODUCT REVIEW – Nipple Cream?

As mentioned in my post about curly hair, I will try everything and anything including putting Monistat on my head for hair growth. My experiments and trials do not stop at just my hair! One of my life long missions has been searching for the best lip chap! I have tested numerous products and prayed that my next purchase would be “the one”. Some of them worked, but they still never seemed to truly hydrate my lips. I apply lip chap constantly because I hate the feeling of any bit of dryness anywhere on my body! After watching a YouTube video of Dacee Hapa, my prayers have been answered! Now, this is going to sound weird at first, but trust me – this product will change your life!


Nipple cream is roughly $10/tube and it works like no other lip chap I have tried! The biggest selling point is its longevity. I always found that when I applied lip chap, I felt the need to reapply 30 minutes later. Mind you I am a little OCD when it comes to feeling even the slightest bit dry – but applying lip chap every 30 minutes is not only annoying – it’s costly! A tube of nipple cream will last so much longer than any other standard lip chap as it comes in a larger tube and keeps your lips hydrated longer.

An added bonus for all those mamas or aunties like myself out there is that you can kiss your little ones without having to worry about whether your lip chap has an ingredient in it that is not safe for babies (i.e. bee’s wax). The main use for this product is for mamas who have dry cracked nipples from breastfeeding. My go to brand has been Lansinoh-HPA Lanolin.

If you have tried this or tried something else that has worked for you, let me know in the comments below!

P.S. I know it may seem weird pulling out a tube of nipple cream when you need to apply lip chap, however, it works so well that I have been shouting it from the rooftop! Who cares if anyone else thinks it’s weird, own it and share the wealth (you will start shouting it from the rooftop along with me)! People will be glad you did!

That’s Y.!



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