1. I absolutely love applying makeup and playing around with different products. But sometimes, playing around with different products can wreak havoc on your skin. I have found that my skin is pretty sensitive at times and can be very dry! I truly believe that part of any makeup application starts with a beautiful smooth canvas, that being your skin. Makeup should be used to enhance your beauty, not hide imperfections.

You can try to hide it, but dry and/or acneic skin is hard to camouflage. Everyone needs to take good care of their skin, as that is what you will have the rest of your life. I have found that the more I have played around and experimented with makeup, the more my skin was reacting. It took some time to figure it out, but I have found a product that has truly changed my beauty regime and has made my skin better! ROSE WATER! I bought a little bottle from Walmart for about $3.00 and have been using it day and night as a toner. A few people have commented that my skin looks like it is “glowing”! Music to my ears!

You can pick up Rose Water here:

Heritage Rosewater and Glycerin With Atomizer 8-Ounce

Use the Rose Water as a replacement for toner and soon enough, you will be “glowing” as well!

That’s Y!


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