My Top 3 Beauty Gurus

As I research the never-ending world of beauty, one of (if not the biggest platform) is YouTube. I could spend a whole night watching YouTube videos on makeup tutorials, beauty hauls, monthly favourites, etc. I have a number of different channels that I subscribe to, but I want to share with you my top 3 favourite YouTubers! These ladies are my absolute favourite because I have genuinely learned SO much from their videos and I LOVE watching them! (It doesn’t hurt that they are all exceptionally gorgeous too!)

#3 Dacey Cash (YouTube: daceyhapa)

Dacey Cash is a young, beautiful woman who has only been on YouTube for a few years and has gained quite a following (302,924 and counting!) She has a ton of videos that vary from makeup to hair to fashion. She speaks very well and explains things in such a way that it is extremely easy to understand. I only discovered her late last year but I have been obsessed with her ever since watching that first video! Here are a couple of my favourite videos:

Selena Gomez Victoria’s Secret Makeup – Darcy Cash

Perfect Selfie Makeup Tutorial – Dacey Cash

#2 Huda Kattan (YouTube: Huda Beauty)

If you haven’t heard the name Huda Kattan yet, you will VERY soon! She is an entrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with. This extremely talented makeup artist has a makeup line, a blog, a YouTube channel and an Instagram account that has over 15 million followers! Huda knows all there is when it comes to beauty. She has all of the best hacks and has tested out almost every product on the market! She also uses her Instagram to help other artists. She is constantly praising and sharing her spotlight with aspiring artists around the world. I find this truly inspiring as I am just starting out in this business and understand that any bit of support is HUGE (I would find it the highest honour if Huda gave me a shoutout!)

Huda is based primarily in Dubai and gained a major following in the Middle East (Yaaas! Middle Eastern girls unite!)

She launched her Huda Beauty line in 2012 and it has since become quite a hit here in North America! Along with a ton of makeup tutorials, Huda’s YouTube videos have quite a range of topics from DIYs to How to Take the Perfect Selfie. Here a couple of my favourite videos from Huda:

My Signature Look – Huda Beauty

How to Master the Selfie Pose – Huda Beauty

#1 Jaclyn Hill (YouTube: Jaclyn Hill)

Jaclyn Hill is my #1 beauty guru for SO many reasons! I would classify her as my ride or die beauty guru! She literally was my inspiration for wanting to become a makeup artist and for starting this beauty blog. I started watching her videos years ago when she would film in her tiny apartment in her kitchen. She instantly sold me because she is HYSTERICAL!! At that time, she worked at MAC and was just working to make a living. Fast track to today and Jaclyn is wildly successful (Champagne Pop anyone?!) She even announced she will be launching her own makeup line in 2017.

A few years ago while coveting an eye shadow that Jaclyn mentioned in a video, I went into my local Sephora and asked one of the Cast Members whether they had heard of her. Shocked and dismayed, the Cast Member did not know who I was talking about! Oh, how times have changed! If you don’t already know, check out Jaclyn’s collaborations with one of Sephora’s leading brands, Becca Cosmetics (Champagne Pop)

Here are a couple of my favourite Jaclyn Hill videos and you will see why she is my #1:

All Time Favourite Drugstore Products – Jaclyn Hill

Halo Smokey Eye – Jaclyn Hill

So, who is your favourite? I would love to hear!

That’s Y!



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