Baking 101

Good things come to those who bake…

One of the biggest questions I keep getting lately is ‘what is baking’? This buzz word has been spreading around the beauty world like wildfire and I am here to teach you all there is to know about baking (and no, this type of baking does not partake in the kitchen.)

What is Baking?

Although baking is all the rage right now (Thank you, Kim K!), this technique is nothing new. Baking was created by and has been used in the drag community for years! The purpose of baking is to avoid creasing or cakey makeup so it can last all day.

Yes, the technique behind baking your makeup is different from baking a cake. However, the science behind the technique is similar to that of creating a delicious dessert. Your body heat acts as the oven to meld all the ingredients (makeup) together to create something beautiful! Essentially, you set translucent powder on top of your makeup and let it sit. Your body’s natural heat will change the powder’s colour and texture and will make it form seamlessly to your skin.

So, now that you know what baking is, let me teach you how to bake your makeup yourself!

How to Bake

You will need:

– Concealer

– Beauty Blender

– Fluffy Brush

– Translucent powder – Try Oh So Pretty Cosmetics Hi-Def Translucent Powder to truly perfect this technique!

1. Apply and blend your concealer as you normally would (I use two concealers everyday to get the right shade for my skin tone. Also, I apply one layer, blend, and then apply a second layer. This may sound like a lot (it is) but for really full coverage, this is the way to go.)

2. Using your Beauty Blender or a big fluffy brush, layer a GENEROUS amount of translucent setting powder (seriously, a lot) on top of where you applied your concealer (pay more attention to the areas where you find your makeup creases or settles in fine lines.)

3. Let the translucent powder sit for 5-10 minutes (I tend to fill in my brows at this point so no time is wasted.)

4. Take your fluffy brush and dust away the remaining powder.

5. As always, finish your makeup look with setting spray!

Voilà! You are now baked and beautiful!

Let me know if you have tried baking your makeup! I guarantee you will see a


That’s Y!


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