Teeth Whitening

I will be honest, I CANNOT live without coffee, red wine and my number one – DDP (Diet Dr. Pepper). These are my vices, but of course there are consequences to my vices. One of these unfortunate consequences is staining my teeth.

Instead of quitting my vices (NEVER!), I have tried many different types of teeth whitening products out there and I am here to share the products I use to keep my pearly whites, well…white!

Philips Zoom Whitening (Take Home Kit)

I first tried the take home teeth whitening kit from Zoom almost 3 years ago when I went for a regular dental visit. My amazing dentist office – Dawson Dental – was offering the Zoom system at a really reasonable price! It was only $50, which included custom-built trays and a refill of the whitening gel at each dental visit! A huge bonus was the fact that this was a system offered through my dentist, so I knew it could be trusted!

Now, the first time I used it – I put too much gel in the trays and ended up burning my gums! It was pretty painful! However, after that experience, I kept using it with less gel and had such great results! When I first got the system, I was religious about following the regime until I got to the whiteness I wanted!

Afterwards, I would only use the system about once a month for maintenance of my pearly whites!

Dr. George’s Dental White

I first heard of the product from none other than Ms. Jaclyn Hill (clearly, I am obsessed with her.) She mentioned this product in a YouTube video and I was instantly sold because her teeth are GLEAMING! I ordered mine off of Amazon and you can get Dr. George’s Dental White here:


I followed the instructions for a round of teeth whitening and the results were incredible! My teeth were noticeably whiter! Dr. George clearly knows what he is doing!

Crest 3D White

Crest 3D White has become my number one line of teeth whitening products! When it comes to everyday brushing and mouthwash, I ONLY use Crest 3D White. I find that using both the toothpaste and mouthwash are key for daily maintenance of making sure my smile is bright and white!

But an even BIGGER shout out goes to the Crest 3D White Strips! These strips are THE best for at-home teeth whitening! Holy Moly! These strips are a gift from the Dental Gods! After going through a round of teeth whitening, my teeth became more of the Hollywood white that I was looking for!

The strips themselves are so handy as opposed to having to use trays that you need to clean after each use! And, as opposed to the Zoom whitening gel that needs to stay in the fridge, the Crest 3D White Strips can easily be stored in your bathroom next to your toothpaste so you won’t forget to use it! Bonus – you can pick up Crest 3D White products at your local drugstore – easy peasy! Isn’t that what we all want in life – everything to be easy!? Even easier? Click the link below to order them online and have them delivered to your house!

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid Treatments, 10 Count

I always try and use the Crest 3D White Strips now for monthly maintenance but if I run out of strips, I will use the Zoom or Dr. George Whitening Gel.

(Note: I make sure not to use whitening gels all the time because it is extremely important to protect the enamel of your teeth. I generally do a round of teeth whitening once per year. I only do monthly treatments for maintenance. Sometimes, if I find that my teeth are not as white as they were or that I have an event coming up, I will do an extra treatment! Also, if you find you have sensitive teeth, you may want to use Sensodyne throughout any whitening treatment.)

Getting a bright white smile is a lot easier than you think! Do you have any products or tips on keeping your teeth white? Let me know!

That’s Y!



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