I mentioned this is in a previous blogpost, but I will say it again – Hallowe’en is my FAVOURITE! I just love everything about this spooky holiday!

This is the time of the year that makeup artists get to have the most fun because they can truly showcase the depth of their talent! So in the spirit of Hallowe’en, today’s blog is dedicated to my favourite Hallowe’en looks created by the MOST talented and creative makeup artists!

Werewolf Makeup Tutorial by Chrisspy

Chrisspy is a well-known makeup artist in the YouTube community because her skills are unbelievable! This Hallowe’en makeup look she created seriously has it all – bold eyes, fierce eyebrows and a killer contour!! And who doesn’t LOVE an excuse to have big, wild hair?! Check out this tutorial on how to be a sexy Werewolf from the incredibly talented Chrisspy:


“Sugarfiend” Makeup Tutorial by Nicole Guerriero

This Hallowe’en look is the perfect mix of scary and sweet! It has fun candy-coloured makeup, spooky contacts and, of course, blood accents! This look just screams scary carnival to me! Nicole Guerriero is known for her Hallowe’en looks! She brings her A-game every single year. Check out her Sugarfiend makeup tutorial to see her in all of her Hallowe’en glory:


Pro Makeup Coach – Erin Berry

I do not even know where to begin with this girl. Erin’s skills are on another level! Not only is she superbly talented in artistry (obviously! Look at those photos!), but she also manages to create these looks in under an hour (say, what?!)

I couldn’t pick just one because they are all just SOOO perfect! Here are the many Hallowe’en looks that Erin has created this year (Seriously, I love this girl so much – look how talented she is!):

I hope everyone is watching Hocus Pocus on repeat all week (I know I will!) and carving their pumpkins! Make sure to check out my Instagram this weekend (@yasmin_abdo) to see what I am dressing up as! (Hint: “WOOF WOOF!!”)

Let me know what you are dressing up as and if you have any favourite Hallowe’en makeup looks!


That’s Y!


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