Beauty Diversity

With everything that is happening in the world, especially as of late, I want to bring some diversity to the table. I believe that we can all learn from different cultures and here at Y. Beauty, I want to do just that.

This week, I am taking my little beauties for a trip around the globe to learn all about different beauty tips and tricks! No Passport? No Problem!

P.S. You may even be surprised where some of your beauty habits originate from!

Beauty Tips and Tricks from Around the Globe

Africa – For an acne fighter, use Black Soap (made with cocoa, plantains, coconut oil, palm oil and shea butter)

Australia – Use Yarrow Extract to prevent stretch marks

Brazil – Oatmeal to treat sunburns

BulgariaRose Water

China – Use Camellia Oil for stretch marks (Try:

Costa Rica – Use Orange Juice to shrink your pores

Dominican Republic – For stronger nails, use Garlic

Egypt – Milk baths have been a staple since Cleopatra reigned

France – To get rid of nail polish stains, soak your nails in Lemon Juice

Germany – To liven dull hair, use a Beer Mask

Greece – Use Rosemary for healthy hair

India – Use Turmeric for radiant skin

Israel – Mud from the Dead Sea for the best cleansing mask

Italy – For damage prevention and a shiny boost in your locks, use an Egg White Mask

Jamaica – To get rid of a pesky pimple, mix Baking Soda and water to make your own spot treatment

Japan – For glowing skin, take a bath in Sake. Try: Fresh Rice Sake Bath 6.8 oz by Fresh

Korea – While known for their multitude of steps in their skincare regimen, one steps to seriously consider is Double Cleansing (begin with an oil based cleanser and then use a foaming cleanser)

Morocco – Argan oil anyone? Try: Josie Maran Argan Oil 0.5 oz by Josie Maran

Philippines – Use Aloe Vera for super shiny hair

Romania – To lighten dark circles, use Castor Oil

Singapore – Papaya is used for beautiful skin

Spain – Potato Slices to get rid of under eye circles

Sweden – Since it is so cold, many use a Dry Sauna in their homes

Thailand – To lighten dark spots, use Tamarind Oil

Yemen – Smoky Eyes are a must – Use a Kohl Liner to make your eyes stand out! (Try:

Thank you so much for sharing this beauty journey with me around the globe! We can all learn something from one another. It does not matter where you are from or what your background is!

That’s Y!


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