What’s In My Bag?

One of my absolute favourite type of blogposts are where you get to see inside someone’s bag! Maybe that makes me nosy? If so, I have no shame! What you find in someone’s bag can say so much about that person.

This week I am giving you all a peek inside my own bag so you can see what I carry around with me everyday! You will get to see the products that I must have on me at all times and perhaps learn a little bit more about Yasmin…

The Bag

I got this beautiful Ralph Lauren bucket bag at the Tanger Outlets in Kanata! I picked up this stunner while on a shopping spree (which was a treat from my amazing boyfriend for Christmas this past year). It is the perfect size for everyday and is such a chic and classic staple. I am SO in love with it!

The Goods

1. Wallet – I got this wallet from my brother-in-law a few Christmases ago! It’s from Danier (R.I.P.) and is a bright cobalt blue. I love it soo much and because of the quality, it really has stood the test of time!

2. Nipple Cream – My ride or die. Read all about it here.

3. Nivea Hand Cream Anti-Age – I am a moisturizing fiend. With the hand washing and touching of papers all day long, my poor hands need extra nourishment! This cream is perfect for keeping my hands nice and smooth and also helps prevent wrinkles – BONUS!

4. Listerine Pocket Spray – This stuff is so powerful! One little spritz and your breath is minty fresh in an instant! With all of the coffee I drink throughout the day, this is mandatory.

5.Dentyne Gum – Along with the Listerine Pocket Spray above, I like to have gum handy for when I need to freshen my breath. I also find it helpful when I feel like snacking on candy or chocolate – I just stick a piece of gum in and the craving is gone! For a little while anyways…

6. MAC Angel Lipstick, Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in ‘Erin’ and Nars Lip Gloss in ‘Turkish Delight’ – These are my everyday lip colours. They are all pinky-nude shades. I love these products because they have a quick application and are amazing for on the go as they will go with anything I’m wearing. They are true everyday staples.

7. Benefit The Pore-Fessional, Agent Zero Shine – I talked about this product in my September Beauty Favourites. This really is a godsend as it instantly takes away any shine you may have and lasts all day!

8. Angel Perfume by Thierry Mugler – This is one of my all time favourite perfumes as I have mentioned. I like to carry this mini bottle around in case I need a little fragrance boost!

9. Personalized Compact Mirror – I always have to have a mirror on me! Hello?! I need to know if I have food in my teeth, if my makeup needs to be touched up, or if my hair is a complete mess. This mirror was given to my by Ms. Erin Berry and I love it so much! She really is the sweetest human being! It’s so pretty with the floral design and I love that it has my name on it!

10.Crystals – I always carry around a rose quartz crystal and a citrine crystal. Rose quartz is known as the “love stone” and is said to open the heart chakra to all forms of love. Citrine is said to bring success, abundance and mental clarity.

11. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses – I always have my Ray Ban’s in my purse. These sunglasses are such a staple and although I have purchased other shades, I always end up wearing my aviators on a regular basis. They make me feel almost bad-ass in a way! Tres chic!

12. Hair Elastic – I always have a hair elastic on me! I have one on my wrist, a few in my drawer at work, and one in my purse. I always end up putting my hair up throughout the day so I MUST have a hair elastic around at all times!

13. iPhone – Last but certainly not least is my iPhone! I would DIE without my phone. Maybe that is dramatic but in all seriousness, it would be catastrophic if I did not have my phone with me at all times.

I also always have a pen handy and my Square Card Reader for when I am doing weddings! These are just the essentials that I carry in my purse. I also have a bag that I take to work everyday and that holds SO much more! I am of the belief that you should always be prepared no matter what!

If you would like to take a peak inside my work bag to know what goodies I keep in there, let me know and I will blog about it!

What essentials do you carry around with you at all times?

That’s Y!


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