Step Into Spring

We are now heading into March already and if the weather is any indication, spring is right around the corner (some days, it feels like it is already here!) Late last year, I did a post about beauty tips in the cold weather. Now that warmer weather is upon us, it is time to start prepping and switching up our beauty habits accordingly! This week, I am going to delve into the steps I take to get ready for spring!


1. Although, dark lips are a huge statement throughout the winter months, spring is the time to make your pout pop with brighter shades like fuchsia. Check out Oh So Pretty’s Liquid Velvet Lipstick in ‘Pink Cosmo’.

2. It’s time for a hair trim! I often will go months without cutting my hair as I want to grow it out and will clean up my split ends myself as I notice them. Spring is the perfect time to go and get a fresh trim as your poor hair has been suffering through the harsh cold of winter and could use a little TLC! Along with a hair trim, give your strands some extra nourishment with a hair mask. Try Living Proof’s Restore Mask Treatment:

Restore Mask Treatment – Dry or Damaged Hair by Living Proof for Unisex – 8 oz Mask

3. Try out some new blushes! I like to pull out my coral and peach blushes in the spring time to really brighten up my complexion! Try Oh So Pretty’s Blush in ‘So Peachy Perfect’:

4. It’s time for a fresh mani and pedi! Your hands have been shoved into mitts for months and your feet have not seen the light of day due to hibernation in socks and boots. It is time for them to get the royal treatment and while you are at it…

5.Switch up your nail colour from dark shades like greys, navys and burgundys to lighter shades like pastel pinks and lavender.

6. It is time to reevaluate your skin care routine. As the winter weather can be more harsh, the same products that were used to maintain a beautiful complexion through the cold may not work the same in the spring. Try lighter moisturizers and pay close attention to SPF!

7. Why not give your face and body some TLC and exfoliate the remnants of the cold weather away! Use a good exfoliator to really give your skin a fresh start in the new season! For my body, I love using The Body Shop’s Shea Body Scrub for exfoliation and it smells really yummy!

The Body Shop – Shea Body Scrub (For Very Dry Skin) 200ml/7.9oz

Also, dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate!

8. After exfoliating, I like to add a little colour with self-tanner. I find it just wakes the skin up and makes me look more alive – almost like I have been brought back to life after the dead of winter! My favourite self-tanner is the St. Tropez Self-Tanning Mousse:

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse (240ml)

10. I switch my perfumes up all the time. I pretty much just pick based on how I am feeling on that particular day and what I am wearing. When spring rolls around, I LOVE wearing something lighter and more floral. One of my favourite perfumes for spring is Si by Giorgio Armani:

Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

Do you have any beauty tips on getting spring ready? Let me know in the comment section!

That’s Y!


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