How to Fix Beauty Blunders

We have all been there… you are applying mascara and then you have a sudden urge to sneeze, or you have a beautiful mani and all of a sudden, you notice a chip (oh the horror!!) This week I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to fix some of the most common beauty blunders so that you can get back to your glam self in a flash!


1. You have mascara on your face, eyelid, or nose (we have all been there!)

First off, DO NOT panic! Just wait a few minutes and continue with your routine as you usually would. Take a q-tip and gently wipe away the mascara. It will lift off easily and, I promise, you will be able to breathe again.

2. You applied the wrong shade of foundation.

Make sure that your foundation (even if it is wrong), is blended all the way down your neck so you do not have that awful line along your jaw. Depending on whether you applied a shade too dark or too light, apply a powder foundation over top to custom colour correct.

3. Your eyeliner smudged.

I always keep an eyeshadow brush and mini bronzer compact handy. You can dip the brush into the bronzer and gently buff out the eyeliner to give it a more intentional smokey look.

4. You chipped a nail.

If the tip chips, use a nail file to buff the chipped edge smooth. If the chip is in the center of the nail, use a small brush (i.e. concealer brush) and dip it into some nail polish remover and gently smooth out the chip.

5. Your lipstick is starting to feather.

You will have to reapply. I always keep baby wipes on me for numerous reasons and one of them is to clean up any makeup blunders. Gently wipe away the leftover lipstick and be careful not to wipe away your foundation. Reapply your lipstick as you usually would.(Liner is a lifesaver in making your lipstick last longer.)

If you notice some discolouration around your lips, use a flat concealer brush and use a concealer to clean up the edges.

6. You applied too much bronzer or blush.

Use a powder brush with powder foundation and apply over to tone down the harshness of your bronzer/blush.

7. You are suffering from cake face.

The WORST! When this happens, your face is screaming for some moisture. Use a setting spray and spritz all over your face to re-hydrate. You could use Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater to help re-hydrate your skin (I mentioned this spray in my January Favourites).

8. You applied a glittery eye shadow and now it is all over your concealer and foundation.

First, always apply a glitter eye shadow look before you do your concealer and foundation so that you can clean up any fall out easily. However, if you did not apply your eye shadow first and now have fall out, gently apply a moisturizer on top of the glitter. Then, use a damped Beauty Blender and it will lift the glitter without ruining your foundation and concealer.


Now you are ready to conquer whatever comes your way, whether it be a sneeze or an overachieving blush brush!

Do you have any tips and tricks to fix beauty blunders? Let me know!

That’s Y!


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