Desert Island Beauty

I am sure you have played that game where someone asks you, “If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you want on the island with you?” That game is SO hard! For this week’s post, I decided to play a little game of my own – except (of course) have it be all about beauty!

I asked 10 women of #ygk one question. A question that stumped some and really made them all think. It may have even been one of the toughest questions they have ever been asked (cue the theatrics)!

“What is the one beauty product that you cannot live without?”

“I can’t live without my Lancôme High Def mascara.”

Jesse Louise – @closettcandy

Does coconut oil count as a beauty product? That’s what I use to remove my makeup and moisturize my face. I actually love it!”

Chelsey Sisson – @withloveandwild

“One beauty product I couldn’t live without is the MAC Prep and Prime 24h Extend Eye Base! Orrrrrrr….Ardell Doubled Up Lashes and Duo Eyelash Glue. My signature “look” if you will are my lashes…”

Cathie Watson – @refinedmagygk

“So my item I cannot live without is my Clinique CC Cream. It has the perfect level of coverage for me as I have freckles! It also moisturizes and has an SPF! I use it every single day!”

Jessica – @88jlo88

“So my ultimate go to item would be Carmex lip chap haha it’s so boring but it really works on my ALWAYS chapped lips. I can’t leave the house without it.”

Kenzie O’Connor – @kenzie_oconnor

“I’d probably have to say it’s my Rodan & Fields Proactive cleansing and moisturizing routine – being someone with super-acne prone skin in my 40’s, it’s the only thing I’ve found that will keep my skin clear and moisturized – I’ve tried so many other products over the years and it is literally the only thing that works for me…”

Alison Cote – @alisoncote_stelladotstyle

“100% Nail Polish. Right now I am loving the Essie Gel Couture collection.”

Mallory Bishop Brown – @happilyeverheadwear

“Juice Plus!! It’s truly changed my nails, skin and hair!”

Lori Godfrey – @prestigiousconcierge

“Choosing my favourite beauty product was a tough one! The product I choose is Cher-Mere’s oatmeal face wash with passion fruit and cucumber. I have bottles in the shower, and under all my bathroom sinks, I use it morning and night to make sure that I start and end the day right. The oatmeal gently exfoliates the skin without being abrasive and the passion fruit is high in vitamin C, riboflavin, vitamin B2 and copper, with antioxidant properties that promote healthy skin.”

Aba Mortley –@chermerecanada

” I mean I can’t really pick one, but if I haaaaaad to choose, I guess it would be my Oh So Pretty concealer…or would it be mascara?!”

Erin Berry – @promakeupcoach

As for me, I can’t decide! It’s such a tough decision! I think mine would either be concealer or eyebrow pencil. But then I also can’t live without lip chap or moisturizer or mascara…

Who’s kidding who?! I can’t live without any of my beauty products! I need them ALL!!!

That’s Y!

P.S. If you aren’t already, you MUST follow all of these ladies on Instagram! They are all so amazing and inspiring. I LOVE having such strong and fearless women in our #ygk community!

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