Brows Just Got Better

Hello my little beauties! I am here to tell you all something very serious. I have found the be all and end all for brows and it has completely changed my life. I don’t think I have ever been this excited about something! I need to let the world know about this as no one has an excuse to not have perfect brows 24/7!


Why it has taken me so long to actually pull the plunge and have my brows tinted, is beyond me!

I mentioned about a month ago to the ever-so-talented, Erin Berry, that I wanted to try out brow tinting. I noticed a client of mine had theirs done and it looked amazing (shout out to Kenzie O’Connor!) Erin mentioned that she could do it for me and the rest was history! I know I am being dramatic (what else is knew?) but I don’t think you understand the magnitude of what this little technique has done for me! My brows are what takes me the longest when I am getting ready as I am a perfectionist. Now, they are just perfect on their own!

The process itself took all of 5 minutes. Erin put Vaseline around each brow to protect the skin around from the dye. She mixed the dye and applied it on each brow and then after what felt like 30 seconds (however, I was talking a lot so time was flying by!), she wiped it away and POOF! Perfect Brows!

Let the pictures just speak for themselves:

Before & After

To get perfect brows from Erin yourself, you can book here at Pro Makeup Coach or at Cher-Mere Day Spa.

Did I mention that this treatment only costs $15! That’s it!

What are you waiting for?!

That’s Y!


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