Rose Hip Seed Oil

Hello my beauties! I have an amazing skincare find to share with you all this week!

I was cruising on Pinterest one morning, and a pin popped up about this product that various celebrities swear by. Let’s just say, I was instantly sold (did you see my post last week? I swear by celebrity beauty secrets!)The article could have said the product was dog poop and I would have been outside grabbing Henry’s doo-doo (I’m kidding – sort of).

It was not dog poop (thank goodness), but Rose Hip Seed Oil. This oil has a vast list of benefits that after reading, you’d basically be silly not to add this oil to your skincare regimen! I did some research and have compiled what I found out about this product that’s become a must-have in the beauty world.

What is Rose Hip Seed Oil?

Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Native Americans used Rose Hip for its healing properties. The oil is made from rose bushes mainly found in Chile. It is chocked full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids work in a way to regenerate tissue and rejuvenate the

What are the Benefits of Rose Hip Seed Oil? 

This oil can be used all over your body from head to toe! I have been using Rose Hip Seed Oil mainly for its skincare benefits.

These benefits include:

– anti-aging

– protection from age spots

– eczema treatment

– rosacea treatment

– acne treatment & reduces acne scarring

– reduces dark spots

– evens skin tone

– moisturizes dry and itchy skin

Ummm….that list is insane! This oil pretty much does everything you want! I have been using Rose Hip Seed Oil for about a month and have been LOVING it.

I still use the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum that changed my skin for the better, but the Rose Hip Seed Oil has made my skin GLOW! I am excited to see what this oil will do after a few more months of use. I think these two products together are phenomenal!

I picked up my bottle of Rose Hip Seed Oil locally at Tara’s Natural Food Source. You can also get yourself a bottle here:

Now Foods Rose Hip Seed Oil, 1 Ounce

Run, don’t walk to grab your own bottle of this miracle oil!

That’s Y!



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