At-Home Shellac Manicure

Hi my beauties!

I am so excited about this week’s post. I mentioned in my blogpost last week that I recently purchased a LED lamp from Amazon. I decided to purchase the lamp because I was going to get my nails done every 2 weeks for almost a year and wanted to save money. I figured, “why not just do my own shellac?”

If you haven’t tried shellac yet, you need to! Who doesn’t want a manicure that doesn’t chip?!

I have now done my own shellac mani so many times and wanted to share with you my process!


  1. Remove any nail polish. If you have shellac, tear apart cotton balls and soak in pure acetone. Place a soaked cotton ball piece on each nail and wrap with aluminum foil. Let sit for 10-15 minutes. Remove aluminum foil and cotton pieces. I then use a cuticle push to lift and remove shellac from nail (If it doesn’t come off easy, do not force it as that could tear your nail. Instead, put soaked cotton piece back on nail to soak a little longer.)
  2. Soak nails in warm water mixed with mild soap.
  3. Trim, file and push back cuticles.
  4. Once your nails are groomed and prepped, it’s time to begin the shellac process!


  1. Take a piece of cotton ball and soak in rubbing alcohol. Wipe along each nail to ensure there is no oil residue.
  2. Apply a thin layer of gel base coat. Make sure that you coat the polish all the way to the tip of the nail. I like to go around each nail with a clean eyeliner brush to ensure no polish is on the skin. Once the base coat is applied to all nails on one hand, place hand in LED lamp and cure for 60 seconds. Then do the same on your other hand.
  3. Next, apply a thin layer of gel colour. I use the eyeliner brush again to ensure no polish is on the skin. Once all nails on one hand are polished, place hand in LED lamp and cure  for 60 seconds. Then do the same on your other hand. Apply 2-3 coats of colour and be sure to cure under the lamp after each layer.
  4. Apply top coat and use eyeliner brush again to clean skin around nails. Cure nails in LED lamp for 60 seconds. I like to cure my nails a second time for another 60 seconds just to ensure they are really solid!
  5. Take a piece of cotton ball and soak in alcohol and rub across each nail (this removes any sticky residue).
  6. At this point, I like to gently file around each nail to ensure the edges are smooth.
  7. Final Step: Apply cuticle oil to each nail. As rubbing alcohol is so drying, this is really important!

And that’s it! I purchased my LED lamp for $40 here:

MatrixSight 36W UV Nail Dryer Manicure Machine Diamond Shaped LED UV Nail Curing Lamp Dryer Gel Polish Nail Gel Nails Professional

I put together a little shellac kit and have been sharing it with a coworker. Her and I both buy gel polishes and share them with each other. I have saved so much money with this little shellac-sharing program her and I have going on! Sharing really is caring!

That’s Y!


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