TONYMOLY Sheet Masks

I know many of you may be sad that summer is coming to an end, but I for one am excited! The end of summer means fall is just around the corner! Time for cozy sweaters, dark lips and Halloween! With the weather changing, I’ve noticed that my skin is starting to look a little dull. So when that happens, I reach for one of my trusty sheet masks to get my skin back on track!

When I first tried sheet masks, I instantly fell in love! Sheet masks are a huge trend among celebrities and beauty gurus alike as they are so easy to use! I have been hooked on TONYMOLY sheet masks and they are what I reach for when I’m having a breakout, when my skin is dry/dull or even when I just feel like a little pick-me-up!


1. Clear Skin Sheet Mask

This mask is what I run and grab when I’m having a breakout! It is full of natural oils and rice extracts that improve elasticity and help brighten and clear your skin. It’s the bomb!

2. Brightening Sheet Mask

This mask is loaded with Vitamin C to help brighten and even the skin! It’s awesome for when you notice that you are having any discolourations!

3. Skin Purifying Sheet Mask

I love this mask when my skin is looking a bit dull and dry. The seaweed extract with micro emulsion-based essence helps rid the skin of impurities and really hydrates the skin.

There are a bunch more, but these are the ones I continue to repurchase! The great thing about these masks are that when they are done, you throw the mask away and just let the extra product on your skin soak in. No messy residue or clean up required! All of the TONYMOLY masks are free from parabens, benzophenone, triethanolamine, talc. and there are no colour additives!

You can find these sheet masks at Urban Outfitters. What’s even more amazing is that you can get a few different ones to try as they are 4 for $12!! That’s an awesome deal!

I couldn’t live without these masks! Not only are they fun to use, they really do make such a difference!

What are some of your favourite face masks that you love to use? Let me know!

That’s Y!

NOTE: I was going to post a selfie of me wearing one of the masks, however I ended up looking like Mrs. Doubtfire:
I thought I would save you all from that image (or rather nightmare!)


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