Brazilian Blowouts

Hi my beauties! I am so excited about this week’s post!

To begin, I need to give you a little back story. My beautiful sister, Samira, has a glorious mane. A head of hair that anyone would kill for. It’s dark, it’s curly and, most importantly, it’s insanely THICK! I always joke that her hair is like a horse’s mane.

As Samira is one who always straightens her hair, she decided to undergo the Brazilian Blowout treatment with Alyson Hoadley from Platinum Hair Lounge (formerly known as, Fossa).

In this week’s post, I asked both Alyson and Samira questions all about the process, the experience and the results. I wanted to get all the info from both perspectives!

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Brazilian Blowout!

Q&A with Alyson Hoadley

1. First off, what is a Brazilian blowout?

Brazilian Blowout is a smoothing system that completely eliminates frizz.

2. Is there a certain hair type that the Brazilian blowout works best on? What about colour-treated hair? 

Yes, it works best on frizzy hair, or hair that has become damaged due to colour processing. 

3. What is the process for a Brazilian blowout? How long is the process?

The process ranges on how thick or long the hair, but usually takes 3-4 hours. 

4. How long does the Brazilian blowout last?

It lasts for 12 weeks when you purchase the supporting products. 

5. What is the upkeep like?

There is no upkeep other than the specific shampoo and conditioner.

6. With all of the different treatments for straightening hair (i.e. Keratin), how does the Brazilian blowout differ? 

From my experience, Brazilian blowout lasts longer, has far more shine and reduces frizz better than any other keratin treatment I have used.

7. Is there anything that a person should or should not do after getting a Brazilian blowout? 

If you intend to colour your hair, you should do so before the process as the Brazilian tightens your cuticle and will make it difficult for colour to penetrate once it is applied. 

And one thing to add, it says it is completely safe for blondes, but I find it tends to cause yellowing in blonde hair and therefore I won’t perform the blowout on clients with icy blonde hair. 

Samira’s Results:



Q&A with Samira Hart

1. What were your reasons for wanting to get a Brazilian blowout?

My hair is naturally very thick and curly, and I have been battling with it for as long as I can remember. As they say, ‘you always want what you don’t have’, hence, I straighten it regularly. However, it can be quite the chore to do so, and always gets big and frizzy whenever it gets hit with any humidity. I wanted to make the straightening process easier and longer lasting, even against all of mother nature’s elements! 

Ten years ago, I visited a salon and had my hair chemically straightened – which ended up being a disaster! It did nothing but severely damage my hair. I was leery to try anything again, but was initially told about the Brazilian Blowout by my cousin (who has beautiful hair), so I began my research.

2. Why did you choose Alyson to apply this treatment? 

I have heard only amazing things about Alyson, as she has been the stylist for two of my best friends. When I researched where in Kingston the Brazilian Blowout was available, I came across Alyson’s salon, Platinum Hair Lounge, as one of the only locations who offers this service. It was a no brainer considering her incredible reputation, so I immediately booked a consultation.

3. What was the process like? 

The process was long – however, Alyson made it both relaxing and enjoyable, and always ensured I was comfortable. It ended up being approximately 3.5 hours long, but went by fairly quickly!

4. How did you feel about the results immediately after?

I was AMAZED at the immediate results! My hair had never been so straight, sleek, and smooth! I walked out of the salon feeling like I was walking in a beauty pageant…😜

5. It has been about 1.5 months since you’ve had the treatment – how is your hair now?

The first time I shampooed and straightened my hair after the treatment, I was helping someone move on a hot day, and I couldn’t believe how the humidity barely affected my hair at all! I’d normally be cursing and throwing the large frizz ball into a bun, and I didn’t have to do anything – it was amazing! 

1.5 months in, it definitely takes less time to straighten my hair and it’s still a lot softer and smoother than it was! I find the extreme humidity barely affects it and that it will only continue to get better with further treatments.

6. Now, you have a THICK mane on your head, do you recommend this treatment to others with a similar hair type?

Yes, definitely! Worth it for sure!

7. Overall, how do you feel about the Brazilian blowout?

I feel that it is a great investment if you struggle with thick and/or frizzy hair like I do! It’s important that you make sure you go to a reputable salon to ever get a treatment like this done – and I can personally attest that Alyson and her salon, Platinum Hair Lounge, is the place to go!

Look at that shine!

If you think that the Brazilian Blowout is just what your hair needs, go see Alyson at Platinum Hair Lounge! She will make your hair silky and smooth and make you feel like you are in a beauty pageant too!

That’s Y!


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