Matte Beauty

Hello my beauties! So sorry that I have been MIA. I have been super busy and then, unfortunately, I got sick – not pretty!

But I’m all healthy now and ready to get back into everything beauty-related!

This week I decided to focus on the time of year and what I have been recently obsessed with. And my current obsession is: Matte Makeup!

Now, I am a girl who loves her highlight (and probably too much highlight at times!), but since we are fully into fall, I feel the need to switch up my makeup. I think matte makeup looks so chic this time of year! I always go to celebrities, models and ad campaigns for inspiration. The biggest inspiration of the matte makeup look? The good ol’ decade of the 1990’s:

Kylie Jenner brought this matte trend to fruition in 2014, and she created a major frenzy! Everyone wanted the Kylie lip colour and I feel like this trend is still going strong! It’s a very timeless makeup look .

Now, let me share with you the products I use to achieve an all-matte makeup look!


I love this look so much! I feel like a bombshell supermodel (*cough* Cindy Crawford? *cough*) when I wear this look!

Let me know what you think and if you will be trying out the matte makeup look on yourself!

That’s Y!


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