Is That A Grey Hair?!

Hello my beauties!

I wanted to talk about something that I KNOW so many of you deal with – myself included! The ever dreaded, grey hairs. Dun. Dun. Duuuuunn. (Was that too dramatic?)

What Causes Grey Hair?

I was researching grey hair and read that there are many factors in the cause of grey hair and it’s not only genetics (although your hereditary is the biggest indication of all.) Ethnicity being one genetic factor that plays a role in when your hair will turn grey. Apparently, Caucasians (especially redheads) grey earliest. Stress and lifestyle can influence grey hair too.

As you get older, the cells that are in charge of pigments in your hair continue to die off. Having less of these cells, means no melanin which means your hair will turn transparent (but look either grey or white or something in between).

My Grey Hair Journey

I have noticed over the past few years that my curly cues have been popping up coarser and greyer. When it comes to my hair, I have been through a bit of a journey with my curls in general over the past five years (which I like to call, ‘My Healthy Curly Hair Journey‘). Over a year ago, I made a decision to stop dying my hair in order to help with My Healthy Curly Hair Journey (in which my end goal is long, luscious curly locks.)

After a few months, I noticed how much lighter my natural hair colour is to the shade of black I had been dying it for so long. I couldn’t stand the harsh contrast! So I added a few highlights and then put a dark brown over top to help blend out the shades as my hair grew out. This definitely helped!

It took a few months, but I did notice how much my grey hairs were growing in. I didn’t mind it so much at first and was a little excited to see what my hair would look like (Which is kind of odd? But, I think in my head, I was picturing having a cool grey streak a la Stacy London. Yet that’s not what happened with my hair.)

(Note: Did you know that Stacy’s grey streak was actually caused by her having strep throat numerous times when she was 11 and she already had psoriasis which was then worsened by the strep. The grey streak showed up as a result.)

After a little over 6 months, I had a ton of greys! And I noticed them so much more when my hair was straight. Case in point:

I tried really hard to embrace it – I swear! And I just think you all should know that I do not let my boyfriend dictate how I do my makeup or what I usually do with my hair. BUT, when you are laying in bed one morning and your boyfriend gasps when he notices your lengthy, grey hairs and proceeds to tell you that “YOU HAVE TO DYE THAT!”… you get a liiiitle self-conscious… Even if he says he was kidding (Sure, Jay.)

So I caved and I dyed it, (in the words of Amy Winehouse) ‘back to black’. And with all that said and my conscience now cleared, I must say, I really do love it! I truly missed having my hair this shade. I find my skin tone pops and my features are more defined when my hair is a natural black shade. So I do not feel bad about dying my hair now. My favourite hair dye is the Clairol Natural Instincts in No. 2, Black.

What do you do for your grey hairs?

That’s Y!


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