Hello my beauties! We are now almost a full month into 2018. I have been on a bit of a shopping kick the past few weeks and I thought I would share one of my recent splurges with you guys!

I had been reading and seeing so much about this product that I finally decided to go ahead and buy it for myself. Now, before I talk about it, I just want to throw out a little disclaimer. I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE the Kardashians. You can bash them all you want, but when it comes to the beauty industry, I truly believe that Kim has had one of the biggest impacts on the beauty world. I have been obsessed with Kim since about 2009 and I was VERY excited when I heard about her KKW Crystal Gardenia Fragrance launch.

As I mentioned in my previous fragrance post, I love musky and spicy scents. The base sent of all 3 of KKW’s Fragrance is gardenia – a floral, which is quite the opposite of musky and spicy. However, one of the 3 KKW scents is Crystal Gardenia Oud. I knew I had to have that one with the title alone! I love Oud!

What is Oud?

Oud is derived from the tropical tree, Agar which is found in Southeast Asia. What makes Oud so special is how it is produced. When the wood of the Agar tree becomes infected with a specific mold (Phialophora parasitica), it creates a fragrant and dark resin. This resin is Oud. Oud is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients in the world because it is so rare. Its value is about 1.5 times the value of gold, and it is sometimes referred to as “liquid gold.”

Oud is very popular in the Middle East and I absolutely adore the scent of it. It reminds me of spending time with my family. Even as a little girl, I remember being with my Dad’s side of the family and thinking that all of the women smelled glorious! That is likely where my perfume-obsession stems from.

KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud

My first impression of KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud was that it is a lot lighter than I imagined. It’s definitely floral but has a spicy, woodsy scent along with it. It is very exotic. I couldn’t stop smelling it! It definitely smells like something the Arab-side of my family would wear. Case in point: I asked my sister to smell me to see what she thought of the scent (without telling her what I was wearing) and she said, “Arab.” YAAAAS!!!

It is definitely a great everyday fragrance! I definitely smell the Oud, but it is in no way overpowering. I think the reason for that is so that the scent can be appreciated by a variety of people with different tastes. Here is the description of KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud on her website:

I did notice that wearing it all day, it didn’t last as well as other perfumes I have. It became extremely subtle by the end of the workday which for me, is a bit of a bummer because I LOVE being saturated in perfume! However, I definitely think it is an appropriate scent for everyday since not everyone appreciates fragrance the way I do (Even if I think they are crazy!)

The bottle is absolutely stunning! Kim designed the bottles to look like crystals as she used crystals for healing after the Paris robbery. Along with the perfume bottle, there was a little envelope with a bunch of citrine inside. It was like this perfume was made specifically for me! If you know me well, you know I have an obsession with crystals and actually wear crystals in my bra everyday.

As for the price of the perfume, the price is really reasonable considering it has one of the most expensive ingredients, Oud. It is $60 U.S., but shipping was an extra $25 on top of that. Basically, a bottle of the KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud costs the same as buying a new perfume at The Bay.

I would highly recommend the KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud fragrance to anyone looking for a sultry, but beautiful everyday fragrance. You won’t be able to stop smelling it!

Have you tried any of the KKW Crystal Gardenia fragrances? Let me know what you think!

That’s Y!


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