Banish Bacne with… Head and Shoulders?

Hello my beauties! Can you believe it is already February? I know it is said often, but time truly does fly by!

This week I am sharing a somewhat unique drugstore find. I came across this find while perusing a Facebook group where someone mentioned that they used Head and Shoulders for clearing up bacne (short term for “back acne”.) You may have the same reaction that I did which was – Huh?!

So of course, I did what I always do – some beauty research and experimentation.

With that said, I should let you all know that I do not find that I have bad bacne. I find that I do get breakouts from time to time on my back mainly because of the fact that I condition my hair everyday and use hair products. I try my best to prevent breakouts and have a routine to keep bacne at bay. This is my process for when I am in the shower:

  1. Condition and finger comb my hair and then clip it up so it isn’t hanging on my back;
  2. Wash my face and body;
  3. Rinse conditioner out of my hair; and,
  4. Wash my back for a second time to clean off and conditioner residue.

My hair is long and I prefer to air dry it so when it is wet and coated with product, my coated, wet hair is sitting on my back. So breakouts do happen occasionally. I bought some Head and Shoulders and decided to test drive it out for a few months. I didn’t wash my entire body with it, I would only use it for my second cleaning of my back after rinsing the conditioner out of my hair.

NOTE: Do not use the 2-in-1 Head and Shoulders, it will not work! It has to be the Classic Clean Shampoo.

I have to say, after trying it out, Head and Shoulders really does work to clear up and prevent bacne. My back has been quite clear and I plan on continuing to use it.

So, the question remains…

Why Head and Shoulders?

The active ingredient in Head and Shoulders is Pyrithione Zinc, which has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It sloughs away dead skin cells. This ingredient is said to work for seborrheic dermatitis, acne vulgaris and pityrosporum folliculitis (an acne-like inflammation).

I have read that people have used Head and Shoulders on their face for breakouts. I decided to try it a couple of times on my face, but it was overly drying and felt pretty harsh on the skin. You must remember that the skin on your face is not as thick as the skin on your back. Although I read some success stories from people who suffered from cystic acne that used Head and Shoulders, it may be best to just stick with Head and Shoulders for treating and preventing bacne if you have sensitive skin and/or don’t often get bad breakouts on your face.

Now you can perfect the “sultry, look over the shoulder” pose just like Dakota Johnson:

Have you tried Head and Shoulders for treating bacne? Let me know!

That’s Y!


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