Skincare Tips While You’re Sick

Hello my Beauties!

I am so sorry that I was M.I.A. last week! I was suffering from the flu for a good week and a half. And I mean the real flu, like straight-up influenza. It was the absolute worst! I haven’t been that sick since University (so approximately 9 years ago!) It definitely knocked me on my a**. I know that there are so many people that have suffered or are currently suffering from the same bug, as it’s spreading around like wildfire! Since I had a lot of downtime while on the mend, I had a lot of time thinking. Not just thinking, dreaming of a time when I was healthy and wishing I could feel like that again… You know it’s bad when!

To make things even better, my boyfriend, Jay, was just as sick as me. Our house was just pitiful.

I thought about what I should do to get my body back to being healthy again and placed a HUGE order with while I was recuperating on the couch. I used to be much more proactive with my health. But of course, as time went on, I got lazy and my healthy routine was no more. Along those same lines, I also thought about how I wanted to make sure that my skincare routine was not neglected while I was sick. I’ve been very strict when it comes to my skincare, so I was afraid that being sick would make me lose focus and my skin would suffer as a consequence. I realized that not only did my body need some extra T.L.C., but my skin did as well.

This week, I am sharing with you all how to take care of your skin while you are fighting off the cold or flu.


  • Whenever anyone is sick, the number one recommendation is, “Make sure you are getting enough fluids!” This is true for your skin as well. Hydration is key when it comes to general skincare, no matter the time of the year or how healthy anyone is. While your body is fighting a bug, you will notice that your skin seems more dull as you are usually a more dehydrated. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water as it will help flush out toxins from your body and help keep your skin looking plump and fresh – even if you are not feeling the same.
  • A long the same lines of staying hydrated, moisturization is key. You may find the need to switch your moisturizer while you are sick just so you can soothe dry, chapped skin. I also found that I was applying moisturizer more often to the skin around my nose and my hands as I was blowing my nose and washing my hands so much. Another option is to apply a face mask like the Fresh Black Tea Overnight Firming Face Mask (one of my absolute faves!) to help seal moisture in the skin.
  • Rest, rest and more rest! Try not to do anything too strenuous and really just give your body a break!
  • The biggest thing I had a hard time with while being sick was sticking to my skincare routine, but this is crucial! I was too tired or really not feeling well and didn’t want to do anything! However, I knew that I had to make sure that I was cleansing my skin twice a day and performing my normal skincare regimen as usual. You may notice that your skin is more sensitive while you are sick, so some of your stronger treatments (i.e. Retinol) may not be beneficial at this time. It may be best to wait until your better to begin using these products again. I found sticking to my routine while I was sick was tougher on some days when I was feeling really rough. BUT, I did notice that my skin didn’t look half as bad as it normally does when I get sick! Usually I feel like I look like a gremlin or something, but I swear my skin was still glowing! Also, if you continue with your regimen while you are sick as you normally do, it will help you pay attention to your skincare needs and see if your skin is in need of a lil somethin’, somethin’! Your skin’s needs can change from day to day so listen to your skin and feel free to add in any other lotions or potions you feel your skin may need.
  • Bring a humidifier into the bedroom! Your skin will thank you! Not only is your skin already suffering, but the air in the winter is so dry. A humidifier is a lifesaver for your skin during the cold weather months.
  • I find that my skin starts to break out in general when I am not nourishing my body properly. Being sick is a time to really ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need. So one of my biggest remedies while I was sick was drinking smoothies! There are a billion and one recipes for smoothies out there, but typically I like to have my smoothie have these key ingredients: a good protein powder, fruit, greens, and then added supplements (i.e. spurlina, maca powder, cacao, etc.). Since being sick can be hard on your stomach, I like to incorporate smoothies to ensure I am getting all my bases covered. It has everything you need and is technically a drink, so it helps with the hydration aspect as well. Win-win!
  • Soak in a nice hot tub! I LOVE baths so much and have at least 1-2 baths per week, if not more! Check out my Weekly Pampering Session post to read all about my bath ritual! While I was sick, I had so many baths. I would drop in some essential oils to help clear my sinuses and just soak all of the ickiness away!

Now that I am feeling SO much better, I have started to really focus on being healthier and making healthier choices. I purchased some supplements (many that I used to take before I got lazy) and am going to try and treat my body better than I did before. I know we all do it, we all get lazy and go through phases where we treat our bodies like crap. Well, after being so grossly sick, I am definitely paying more attention to my body and I am back on the healthy band-wagon. I will let you know if I notice any changes from taking these supplements!

Remember that what you put in your body will show on the outside. Skincare is not only about taking care of the epidermis and what’s on the outside, it begins on the inside (I feel like this is turning into some motivational quote, but I’m being dead serious!) You only get one body! Make sure you treat it right!

That’s Y!


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  1. Loved these tips! (Actually want to get a little sick so I can use them haha 😅) Definitely agree with sticking to the routine, even if it’s hard. Hell, I’m still doing my routine when I’m wasted/hungover, even if I have to get someone to help me with it…

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