Current Beauty Guru Faves!

Hi my beauties!

If you remember in one of my older posts, I listed my Top 3 Beauty Gurus: Dacey Cash, Huda Beauty and Jaclyn Hill. I still love these ladies to death and watch their YouTube videos all the time, but there have been some channels on YouTube that I have subscribed to over the past year that I feel deserves some love.

YouTube is a great platform to learn just about anything! The YouTube beauty community is no exception. I have learned so much from the beauty influencers on YouTube over the years! One of the biggest things that I absolutely love about the beauty community on YouTube, is that they are so supportive of one another and often times will do collaboration videos and many are really great friends! I thought what better way to show appreciation for these beauty influencers then to share them all with you guys, so that you can fall in love with them too!

If you want learn about a new technique, are interested in trying a new product, or just generally love anything beauty-related (like me!), I highly recommend going on YouTube and watching these beauty influencers. Not only are they informative, they are SO entertaining!

Y. Beauty’s Current Fave Beauty Gurus

Jenna Dewan Tatum(220,000 subscribers)

Yes, Mrs. Channing Tatum herself! Last year, Jenna Dewan Tatum launched her own YouTube channel and I am OBSESSED! I was so excited when I came across her channel! It almost feels like we are getting some serious intel and from the source herself. Jenna works with some of the most influential makeup artists, hair stylists and skincare experts. There is a fascination that many of us have when it comes to celebrities. You want to know every little thing they do from what products they use on their skin, what their favourite makeup products are, etc. With Jenna’s channel, you are getting all of that and more! She has videos ranging from her Everyday Makeup Look to Tarot Card Reading. Her videos are quick which can be both a positive and a negative! It’s a positive because they are not time-consuming, but a negative because I want more! Check out this video of Jenna’s At-Home Skincare Routine: At Home Skincare Routine -Jenna Dewan Tatum

Laura Lee(4.3 million subscribers)

When I first watched Laura Lee, I wasn’t instantly sold. It took me awhile to warm up to her, BUT now, I LOVE her! She is so funny and so authentically herself – you can’t help but love her. She is so entertaining to watch and she is unbelievably talented, she will make you come back again and again. Her Alabama accent just adds to her appeal. She is close friends with Manny MUA and often does video collaborations with him (which are my FAVE!) When Laura and Manny get together, it is beyond hysterical! They give me serious Jack and Karen vibes!

Laura Lee launched her channel in 2013 and already has over 4 million subscribers! She has collaborated with brands like MAC Cosmetics and Benefit Cosmetics. As of last year, Laura Lee debuted her own makeup brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles. You go girl! Check out this video of Laura Lee testing out new makeup products: First Impressions Makeup Tutorial – Laura Lee

Manny MUA(4.5 million subscribers)

I don’t even know where to begin with my love for Manny MUA. He is seriously so funny and I just want him to be my best friend! My favourite videos of his are where he tests out random makeup products because his reactions are priceless! He does swear, so if you find that offensive, you may not be so keen on watching him. I for one, love it! He just speaks freely and you know he isn’t putting on an act for the camera. In every video, he always welcomes new viewers and has one hell of a tagline, “If you don’t like this video or if you don’t like me, please don’t f*cking watch it, you know the drill with that!” Sounds aggressive, but he always says it with a little flare and frankly, I find it refreshing. There are so many internet trolls and people out there just trying to spread hate, why shouldn’t he tell all those Negative Nancy’s to just spread their hate elsewhere!? Manny launched his Youtube channel in 2014 and previously worked at Sephora and MAC. Since his channel launched, he has accomplished so much! In 2017, he became the first male brand ambassador for Maybelline and was on People’s “Most Beautiful” list. In 2018, Manny was named on Forbes’ list of “30 under 30” in the Arts and Style category.  You can definitely tell that this is only the beginning for Manny MUA and I cannot wait to see what else he accomplishes in the beauty community! Check out this recent video of Manny MUA testing out overhyped products: Testing New Overhyped Makeup – Manny MUA

I am seriously in love with these 3 right now! They post consistent content and are so much fun to watch! If you are looking for new content on YouTube, or are interested in learning about new products or tips and tricks, definitely check these 3 out!

That’s Y!


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